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Solidworks installation instructions for Middlesex University Students

Solidworks is available to current students of the Faculty of Science and Technology at Middlesex University.

Student license requires a VPN connection

The student license is only available through a licensing server on-campus. In case you are trying to use it from you, you will need to connect to campus network over VPN.
VPN creates a secure connection between your computer and the University network and allows you to use the licensing server.

The need for VPN also confirms that you are a current Middlesex University student.

Prerequisites for Solidworks

Follow the steps below to get your comptuer ready for Solidworks

Step 1: Install Cisco VPN software

Step 2: Disable Anti-Virus Software

Why Does Solidworks Recommend Disabling Anti-Virus Temporarily? From: Solidworks installation F.A.Q
Question: Do you recommend turning off anti-virus scanning when installing SolidWorks?

Answer: Certain anti-virus (AV) applications do not allow system resources to be updated if they are in use. The other issue with having the AV on during installation is performance-related. With that said, most users cannot turn off their AV software due to corporate IT policy. If you are using one of the recommended AV programs, you should not experience issues installing SolidWorks.

Solidworks 2021 64 bit for PCs running the 64 bit version of Windows 10

Solidworks 2021 Download Solidworks 2021

Updating SolidWorks License Server Details

Please note that SolidWorks License server is now hosted in a new machine. You will need to update the License server details in order to continue to use your existing installation. You can do so following the guide here.

How to Activate Solidworks for Middlesex University

Provide this serial number and License Server details during install:


You need to be either on Campus or connected via the VPN client (available at

Then in the software type 

Licensing Server:

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