Matlab instructions

NOTICE: The license will expire each year around end of July

If you already have Matlab but its saying your License has expired: Skip to Re-Activation Instructions

IMPORTANT: 64bit Windows is recommended

STEP 1) Register at Mathworks using your or email address

IMPORTANT: use your or email

  1. it has to be the MDX email account else it will not get activated
  2. ALSO: you MUST select Academic Use (with site license) INSTEAD of Student Use.

Please register for an account with using your email account I repeat, unless you use a or a account, AND select Academic use with site license, your will NOT be able to install our version of Matlab.

STEP 2) Associate your accounts with the Middlesex University license:

Login to
a) click My Account
b) click Manage Licenses on the left
c) click Add license on the right
d) Select Activation Key and click next

Provide the Activation Key: 55359-08974-94935-03655-88104

4) Download Matlab (Use version of choice)

(The Download is quick enough if you are at the University)

5) Install Matlab

Install Matlab using your new Mathworks account (mdx email with the password you received in your mdx email)

At installation time provide the Activation Key: 55359-08974-94935-03655-88104

The reason for this is that we should be able to show what the real usage of Matlab really is within the Uni and the various departments...

6) Matlab Yearly Re-activation

To Re-activate Matlab if you already have account and still have your * email
The license expires every year and this page will be updated with the new license code.

You can then follow the following instructions:

Start=>AllPrograms=>MATLAB=>R201xx=>Activate MATLAB R201xx

Apple OSX users:
Go to /Applications/ right click on your MATLAB app select Show Package Contents look in the bin folder. Its the first item in the bin folder: