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AppsAnywhere for Science and Technology

Loan Laptops

Please note the information and steps below is for personally owned laptops or desktops (BYOD - Bring Your Own Device).
Loan laptops available throught the blue lockers on campus already have the required settings enabled to allow students to run AppsAnywhere.mdx.ac.uk provisioned software

Personally owned Laptops

Continue reading and following the instructions below if you are a current student or staff member who needs to run licensed software on your personal laptop or desktop. (authentication and validation as a current Middlesex University student / staffmember is required to access the portal and software is only installed temporarily on your device).

Script to Enable required registry settings

Some of the Science and Technology software available through AppsAnywhere portal requires special permissions to install drivers or run as an administrator on your machine.

To make these applications work on your laptop you must download and then run the file "Registry-settings-for-AppsAnywhere-student-laptop.bat" before visiting the appsAnywhere website explained below.

  1. Download Registry-settings-for-AppsAnywhere-student-laptop.bat
  2. unzip the .zip file
  3. You can open the file in notepad (right click - edit) to read it to understand what it does.
  4. Then run the script as an Administrator by right clicking on the .bat file and selecting "Run As Administrator".
  5. What is AppsAnywhere

    The AppsAnywhere Software Client and website portal allows current and authenticated Middlesex University students to run certain Middlesex University Licensed software on their Windows laptops (or dual boot Mac laptops on the Windows side), through a quick but temporary installation of the software from a website managed by Middlesex University. There are various software titles available and more software is planned to be added. AppsAnywhere screenshot

    You can try running some of the Middlesex University software by visiting https://AppsAnywhere.mdx.ac.uk/login

    Feedback for AppsAnywhere:

    Please email AppsAnywhere[@]mdx.ac.uk with any feedback on your experience of using the software.